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From Belle Plaine:

From US Highway 169S in Belle Plaine (North)

Go left/south on Cty Rd 3 (just past Emma Krumbees Restaurant - Cty 3 only goes left off Hwy 169).

Go appx. 3 1/2 miles to stop sign. You'll be at Hwy 19. Go straight through the stop sign.  At this point, Cty 3 turns into into Cty 11.

Follow  Cty 11 to stop sign.  You'll be at a "T" and take a right onto Cty 28.

Go a little over a mile and you'll take a left on Cty Rd 33.  (Cty 33 only goes to the left and it's just after British Kennels at the bottom of the hill.  It seems to come up pretty fast so be prepared.)

Follow Cty 33 about 2 miles and take the second gravel road to the right which is Township 26 (there is a light brown house with a large garden on your right as you come up to T- 26 and the gravel road only goes to the right here- there is a sign marking T-26 once you turn onto it but not before.)

Follow T-26 for about 2 miles and when the road goes sharply to the left, the arena is straight ahead, pull on in.  You're looking for tan barn with a green roof.  

Important Note:  If you go past T- 26 you will come to Cty 26 which is a tar road.  This is not the same road. Turn around and go back to T-26. 


From Le Sueur (south)

From northbound 169 in Le Sueur.

Exit 169N and go East on Cty 8/93 exit.


You will be heading into downtown Le Sueur.  Follow this to 4th Street and take a right.


Go one block and take a left on Ferry Street.  Ferry will turn into Cty 26 after you leave town.

(You will pass the High School on your left)


Approximately 3.5 miles out of Le Sueur you will come to a sharp "Y" where the road will curve to the right and a service road will go straight.  

Stay to the left and the service road will take you to 

Cty Rd 116.  Go left on Cty Rd. 116.


Go approximately 3/4 mile and turn right on Cty 154.  (If you go straight the road turns into gravel- follow the tar and go right and you'll be on 154.)


Take this a few blocks to the first gravel road to the left and you will be on 285th Ave  


Follow 285th Ave until it curves sharply to the right.  Highview's driveway is right on the curve to the left.


* Important Note:  Do not use Mapquest.  Mapquest is not going to help you find us! 


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