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Highview Ranch & Stable offers complete training – for both horse and rider. Each trainer has at least 20 years of experience. Riders are started at the appropriate level after an assessment of their skills and abilities. Horses are only brought along as fast as they are physically and mentally able to handle. Whatever level you or your horse is at, there is a trainer who is trained and capable of working with you.

Lesson Options Available

Individual /Private lesson:                       

Prepaid Lesson Package/Individual:    

(4-one hour lessons)

Group Lessons (2-4 riders):                    

Prepaid Group Lesson Packages:        

Lessons on Cattle:                           

    Individual/Private lesson                      


    Group cattle (2 people)                                                   (3 or more people)           


(Sorry, no package discounts on cattle lessons.)


Please note:  Lessons must be pre-paid when scheduled.  Students must give a 24hr. advance notice of a cancellation to be reimbursed for fees.  Fees will be transferred to future lessons.  


All lessons must be on your horse, we furnish NO lesson horses.

Your horse needs proof of a current Coggins test.

We also have specially priced packages available for youth groups (4-H, saddle clubs, special education groups. community education, girl/boy scouts), and others may apply for consideration. These are $20.00/per rider for a one hour group lesson with a minimum of 4 participants.



Arena Packages

Individual Arena  2 hrs.        $20.00

Prepaid Arena 10 hrs.        $100.00



$500 a month - plus board during training

Trainers / Instructors

Linden Hermel
· Young horse training

· Adult & Youth lessons
Trail training for horses

Linden specializes in training young horses in ground manners and trail riding. Linden has been breaking and training young horses for more than 30 years – with an emphasis on developing a family-friendly, trail ready mount.  He helps riders and horses understand and communicate with each other to develop a safe and trusting relationship.   In addition to training, Linden is a past member of the LeSueur County Sheriff’s Mounted Posse and the Caballeros Del Norte.

Lessons on cattle!





Lessons for all ages!































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