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10:00   Novice Rider, or Novice Horse (3 or under) w/ intermediate rider 2 person sort  Round Robin.    
A rider that has limited horsemanship skills and limited knowledge of cattle or the rider who has started to improve their skills.  10 riders $140.00 entry  + $10.00 cattle charge per rider

12:30  Adult/children 2 person Sorting this class is for novice children riding with an adult.  Pick ride child/adult and 5 draws ea draw ride consists of 1 child & 1 adult 
12 riders (6 child, 6 adult) $100.00 + $10.00 cattle charge per rider


3:00  Open to all Round Robin, Max 12 riders $200.00 ea

12 rider Round Robin Sorting, pays back 50% after each date.  Head Count tracked for all 7 dates with a beautiful buckle awarded to the rider with the highest head count in each class




1.       Have Fun!!!

2.       Rudeness will not be tolerated, either to ranch personnel or to livestock (aka “ROUGHING”).

3.       Sixty (60) second clock

4.       Cattle will be numbered 0 - 9.

5.       You will start with the starting number and continue in numerical order.  Example – the judge calls number “8”, you must first sort out number “8”, then “9, 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7”.

6.       The cow must completely cross the foul line within the legal time of Sixty (60) seconds to count as a “sorted” cow.

7.       If any cattle cross the foul line out of sequence (except for the Novice Division), the team will be judged “No Time”.  A “No Time” will also be called if a sorted cow comes back and crosses the line (except for the Novice Division).

8.       You will continue to sort until all cattle are sorted or until time expires.

9.       You will stop sorting if judged a “No Time” (except for the Novice Division).

10.   Teams are judged on the number of cattle sorted and total seconds/time.


Highview Ranch & Stable has the final determination on rider qualification and judgments.


General Rules

 When the announcer says “flag is up” the team will enter the pen, time will start and the number of the calf to be sorted first will be announced.  A lap timer will be used to time each calf that crosses the start/foul line.    Once the calf is counted, if it returns to the pen it will result in a DQ.

No profanity to be used during or after runs.

No spotting cattle from spectators.

When your team is announced to run, be in the arena and ready to run, excessive delays will result in a DQ.

Each event will start promptly at scheduled times, any riders not ready to ride will result in a DQ.


Contact with the cattle with hands, feet, hats, ropes, bats, reins, or any other equipment, or hazing with whips, hats, or ropes will result in a DQ.  Any unnecessary roughness to horses or cattle or unsportsmanlike conduct will result in a DQ.  If a rider falls off their horse, they may not work the cattle from the ground, they may remount and continue working the cattle.  Any attempt to work cattle before remounting will result in a DQ.  DQ of a team member results in the DQ of the entire team.


Judges rule is final, excessive arguing will result in a DQ

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